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Wedding and Event Venue - Lousia, Virginia

Bowood Barn We've been here a while in Louisa County doing what we love, helping to create those special events to be uniquely catered to your specific style and vision. It isn't difficult to be different when you write your own story from your heart. It's always a privilege and thrill to see others create their story's within Bowood using their flourishes of preference! What a joy! Yes, Louisa is "situated conveniently between Richmond and Charlottesville" and Bowood Barn is "nestled" in rural settings of the countryside where you can hear the Whipperwhills and Bob Whites call between the train rumbling through town whistling all the way. But it's all about you! Without the occasion that brings it all together, Bowood is a back drop. Our emphasis here is the orchestration of the whole picture. The most important part is the people that come together.

to Bowood Barn

500 Tisdale Road, Louisa VA 23093


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